bass with Sebó at Hamburg Port Anniversary

The Port Anniversary festival in Hamburg is annually a big event with an abundance of food, drinks and joyrides. And next to the Fischauktionshalle where every Sunday early morning you go for the after-party and some fresh fish stood the Reve-stage where we played some good music with Sebó. It is always great fun to play with him since he is a gifted performer and songwriter – and I get to practice my multitasking abilities playing not only my bass, but singing background vocals and playing a bass-drum with one foot and a tambourine with my other. So it sounds a little like there was a drummer playing with us – but sometimes it’s hard to control my facial expression at the same time. Worth it!

(Heaven’s Club Studio, 13.06.2018)

looking tough – because of all those rough Nordic winds and all (11.05.2018)