bass at “Nacht der Lieder” (night of the songs) in Flensburg

The other day I went to beautiful Flensburg in the North of Germany to accompany the “Nacht der Lieder” on my basses. Usually there are only two main acts invited to play but since this time was the twentieth anniversary, a whole bunch of singers arrived at the Deutsches Haus venue. As every time, we only had one rehearsal after which everybody sat in with the others – often leading to unpredictable and wonderful moments. This time I played my bass with the two hosts Richard Wester and Manfred Maurenbrecher and Klaus Lage, Julia Neigel, Inga Rumpf, Etta Scollo, Katharina Franck, Edo Zanki, George Nussbaumer, and Gunter Gabriel – which are all well-known German, Italian, and Austrian artists – as well as the young newcomer Sinje Gruchot.