recording at the legendary Hansastudios, Berlin

I spent the last three days at the legendary Hansastudios in Berlin, tracking basses for a new production which will be released next January. That was so much fun as before me there were many great colleagues in this studio like David Bowie, U2, Depeche Mode, David Byrne, and many, many more.

For different sounds I brought three basses: my Höfner Club-bass, my Sandberg California 5-string, and a great Franzbass fretless bass. The sound was delivered by my Klotz studio-quality cables into a remarkably great sounding Music Man amp with a 13” speaker. This time it was all about pure bass-sound so I didn’t bring any of my effects.

This were three fun days and I give a big shout-out to my recording mates Richard, Rolf, and Christoph, the excellent soundguy Alex, thanks to Höfner, Klotz, Sandberg, Franzbass – and of course to the Hansastudio! Looking forward to next time!

Hansastudio, Berlin