Dave-Blog 2019/4: Bertha and life

Now so much time has passed since my last blog-entry here – I apologise, as I planned to post weekly – and try to get back into this rhythm.

Of course this is a big part of being a freelancing artist. John Lennon already mentioned that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. And this is okay so life never gets boring.

I only to play a minimum of music right now – but do this even more focused. Working on my jazz-vocab again – great lines by Oscar Peterson and Charlie Parker. Or arpeggios – but not only playing root, third, fifth, seventh and back but starting with every interval and mixing up the note-order and playing with different fingerings. Highly recommended!

Next Saturday I will play a little gig with the great Pauline Moser that I’ll have to prepare this week. Today, I mix and master a radio commercial for Wolf Garten where I can be heard speaking two voices, as well – a nice change.

And I stumbled upon this photo of me playing my upright bass, my “Big Bertha” in downtown Hamburg, in the shopping street. Together with Tim Stahlschmidt on drums we promoted Wesley Collin George‘s new single “busking” in a few places. That was fun and telling by my posture I was on guard for the next police-person telling us to leave since it is only allowed to play in one place for a certain amount of time.

I wish you a great Sunday and a merry week! Big cheers from my Heaven’s Club Studio! Dave

Hamburg-based bassist David Alleckna playing his upright bass in the Hamburg shopping street to promote Wesley Collin George's new single.