playing some jazz on stage again – finally!

This year started out very nicely with a little jazz gig with my old friends from Jazztett. Ah, to be able to show what I practice all these scales, arpeggios, chord substitutions and all that for! We really did free ourselves playing this music – hey, so often people have to pay for this experience! I do have to smile looking at this snapshot as you can tell which style of music we are playing as apart from classical music jazz is the only style that allows note stands on stage…  Well, from time to time I do bring a stand and my iPad to a gig – but anyway: that was fun! “Gi-ant Steps Gi-aaaant – Steheeps! Gi-ant Steps Gi-aaant: Steps Gi-aaaant! Steps Gi-aaaant! Steps Gi-aaaant! Steps Gi-aaaant! Steheps!