After-hours fun in my studio with Vulfpack’s “Dean Town”. 
“suit up” by the incredible photographer Daniela Moellenhoff. Edit and music by yours truly.
a little bass-jam in my Heaven’s Club Studio on a Knower song
Clip from a little gig I played with the German legend Udo Lindenberg.
on Bass with Phil Collins at Deutscher Radiopreis, NDR tv
on Bass with Michelle at Rehna Open-Air
little live clip from a gig with neo-80s funk-pop band Papillon Rising
… and yes….. I know….. I don’t know… the hair …. well, it was something “different”….
a bass-view-clip from a charity concert I played with Nu Addition @ MHP Arena Ludwigsburg
on bass in Mainz, Germany during tour with Nevio Passaro
playing bass for the incredible Regy Clasen at Duckstein-festival
an acoustic version of “crazy in love” I played and produced for Iveta Mukuchyan (Voice of Germany, Eurovision Song Contest 2016 for Armenia)
on bass at little spontaneous gig with Tony Momrelle (Sade, Incognito)
on Bass with Ole “Soul” Feddersen (Voice of Germany)
on Bass at First Class Session with Nina Kutschera (Voice of Germany) and Marina Raffaela Ortega
on Bass at “Kellerhertz-Session”, Birdland, Hamburg with Sebó
bass with Sebó at Kito, Bremen
on bass with “Frau Ton & das Bouncebüro” at Elbjazz-Festival, Hamburg
on Bass with Positunes on Tide TV
On my Höfner-bass with Ivy Flindt at Prachtwerk, Berlin.
With Sannah at Rialto Theater, Hamburg at a reading. 
my music for VW Transporter commercial. director: Ole Zapatka
my music for BMW “better driver”
director: Ole Zapatka
my music for Xplora
director: Ole Zapatka
a little thank-you for my endorser Klotz-Kabel
fanvideo, sadly with horrible sound, of little gig with Michelle
Jessica Wichers, co-written and produced by yours truly
Sannah, co-written and produced by me for Luxusliner Night compilation