on tour with “Something Special ft. David Alleckna”

Man, there was a lot going on here – but here I am now!

I had lots to do – placed a few concerts, did some session-work, and played a small tour with a duo of the saxophonist Richard Wester, who played his instrument on basically all major productions in Germany throughout the 80s and 90s, and the Austrian singer and pianist George Nussbaumer who got tenth place on the ESC 1996 in Oslo. Together they are “Something Special” – and I was featured on bass and guitar on this tour through Germany.

Next up is finally working on some production music again. Right now I feel like re-arranging and expanding my studio, however – and everybody who has done this before will understand my excitement – and hesitation to begin.

In short: It’s all good and moving in the right direction. I hope you are doing great, as well, and send big cheers from my Heaven’s Club Studio!

One of my rooms on tour had direct access to the stage – a dream came true that day!