the pen is stronger than the sword…

There it is: this wonderful late summer weather we were all so much looking forward to! We got good twenty degrees here in Hamburg – perfect to finally get a pen and staff paper and rush out into the sun – without any instruments at my fingertips – and start a composition. I wanted to do this for so long since much too often my muscle reflexes get in the way of my musical ideas as soon as I take an instrument in my hands. So here I go!

I put down an A-part with a melody, bassline, and two chord-voices and look forward to entering everything into Logic Pro now (Logic Pro is the software I use to record and edit music).

Wouldn’t it be great to post a nice photo of myself with a white, powdered wig (so the similarity between Mozart or Beethoven and me would be EVEN more obvious…)? Sadly enough I don’t own such a wig. But this one here – just for the good impression…. However, the pen is the original one that Hans Zimmer should be very aware of from now on! Happy Sunday Hans and everybody!