Hamburg-based bassplayer David Alleckna recording in his studio

What does …

… Dave do at all?

So much water has gone under the bridge since my last update. Controversies in our society have been established. Much too little music has been played.

So this is the time to say: Hello world! Hello 2022! I look forward to meeting you both!

The last two years were rather captioned with other news than with music and culture –
but it is what it is and so I look even more forward to enjoying better times soon.

I have not been idle, of course – played a few smaller concerts and spent much time in my studio.

Taking online-courses, broaden my horizon, simply having fun. Spending the time offstage and without my fellow musicians as well as possible.

I composed a few commercials, which was great.

Apart from that, I keep busy practicing guitar, piano – and of course bass, and take a training for orchestral arrangement so that hopefully soon I will be able to orchestrate and conduct my own film scores.

There’s always something, right?

This year has some nice projects on the horizon – some rock, some pop, some hiphop.
That’s the way (aha, aha!) I like it (aha, aha!)!

I hope you came through this time as unscathed as possible!?
Feel free to say hi – as long as this is our main means of getting together.

My fingers itch to grab my bass – so that’s what I will do right now.

Love, cheers and blessings from my Heaven’s Club Studio, from Hamburg, and from me!