Beatlemania at Heide theatre

In the beginning of this year I played a little tour with the Richard Wester Band and the Schleswig-Holstein Symphony. We played a mix of Richard’s tunes and songs by the Beatles. All this was called “Beatlemania” and was a lot of fun as such a big orchestra of excellent musicians is quite powerful! I was there to play my bass again, fittingly with my Hofner Beatles-bass, and since I didn’t make it to the hairdresser before the gig even my hair was rather “beatly”. Well, what can I say: I’m a pro!

The theatre folk in Heide welcomed us with open arms and Ali Baba, the nice doner kebab guy around the corner fed us on our way to the hotel. Thank you all!

(Heaven’s Club Studio, 13.06.2018)

soundcheck at Heide theatre, 23.05.2018
it was hot and boiling in Heide on 23.05.2018