new input at “Operation Ton” congress in Hamburg

Yesterday and today I attended the “Operation Ton” congress here in Hamburg at the SAE with loads of courses that all deal with various aspects of the music business. I learned something new or at least got some new food for thought, which is good. Like a course I attended yesterday about the “music-universe 4.0” – who is a part of it and who gets paid by whom? Another interesting course was today about “social media marketing – and how to not lose all your marbles over it”. Well, I hope my newfound knowledge will help me prevent that! But you never know, do you?… I enjoyed learning something new and meeting some nice colleagues. My thanks goes to Hamburg Rockcity e.V. for arranging this event – including great lecturers, courses, and a piper! Next up is the “night of knowledge” here in Hamburg. I’ll play at the Slowman again which is located in the canteen of the Fresenius University – perhaps will I see you there?